Reports by Other Bodies

Many trusts and health authorities publish their annual clinical governance reports on the web and you can easily hunt these dowm. Here however, are some more general reports produced over the past ten years.

Audit Commission (2001) Hidden Talents: the Education, Training, and Development of Healthcare Staff in NHS Trusts London: Audit Commission.

Clnical Governance Support Team Guides. Various guides produced by the now=defunct CGST.

Fox, N.J. (1999) Clinical Governance: a Practical Guide. I wrote this for primary care professionals, and it was circulated to every GP practice in England and Wales. Some of the content is re-cycled in keynote 1 of the CG course available from this site.

National Audit Office (2003) Achieving Improvements through Clinical Governance. A Progress Report on Implementation by NHS Trusts. London: NAO.

National Audit Office (2007) Progress in Implementing Clinical Governance in
Primary Care: Lessons for the New Primary Care Trusts.
London: NAO.

General Medical Council (2004) The GMC and Clinical Governance. (GMC E-bulletin Issue 1)

Roland, M. and Baker, R. (1999) Clinical Governance: a Practical Guide for Primary Care Teams. Manchester: National Primary Care Research & Development Centre.

Royal College of Nursing (1998)Clinical Governance: an RCN Resource Guide.