Relevant Journals

Over the past ten years, clinical governance journals have amalgamated, ceased publication and swallowed up rivals, so it's a little hard to keep up to date! Here are the main journals in the field at present.

Clinical Governance: an International Journal
Previously British Journal of Clinical Governance. Quarterly, peer-reviewed journal addresses the topics of clinical governance,  evidence-based practice, guidelines, audit, risk management, user involvement and health outcomes.

Clinical Risk
Published six times each year, this provides a joint medical and legal approach to negligence, with case summaries, and incorporates the AVMA Medical & Legal Journal.

Quality in Primary Care (incorporating Journal of Clinical Excellence).
Contains some relevant articles on governance issues.

Journal of Clinical Governance
Now incorporated into the journal Quality in Primary Care (see above), but follow this link for the archive.

Journal of Health Organisation and Management (previously Journal of Management in Medicine).
Covers all aspects of management in both the primary and secondary health care sectors. Papers are written by academics and practitioners and deal with all the main issues involved in management in medicine on an international scale: care, quality, training, administration, customer service, NHS and funding, marketing and structuring.

International Journal for Quality in Health Care
The Journal publishes papers in all disciplines related to the quality and safety of health care, including health services research, health care evaluation, technology assessment, health economics, utilization review, cost containment and nursing care research, as well as clinical research related to quality of care.